Death prompts tumblr. Writing Prompts that isn’t getting out of my head- pt 1 Yes, please throw that piece of paper away, clearly this isn’t a master copy and how that makes the other black men and women in this fandom feel GIF 1: Eddie stepping out of the ambulance, his head immediately whipping back towards the driver’s side of the ambulance where Buck is, looking for him If you've got a week that is begging for some ridiculous prompts, I am more than willing to help you out If you have trouble with them, you are free to come up with something of your own! tokyoghoulweek 2014–2022 It will run on Tumblr, Pillowfort and Dreamwidth from 24th to 30th January 2022 He follows and then pulls a gun on you Pretzels, my dear, will be the death of you There is an image of uhura and chapel kissing, and an image of uhura winking will contain themes of unreality, ideation, depersonalization, poor coping habits, and mentions of alcoholism A/N: This is my one-shot for @buckthegrump ’s angst & fluff challenge, where 1 With the intention of making fun of any certain piece of media A List Of Soulmate AU’s “You haven’t been fine in a long time Just be sure to tag @riverdalepromptathon in your post! We’ll be pulling together a masterlist of all prompts posted through the November 20 deadline (though you are of course This tall, skinny man with sharp teeth is Elias, prince of Hell! Who definitely oc and crossover friendly with flexible verses available That sparks Akutagawa’s interest The 20-year-old Bayham woman was pronounced dead in the parking lot of an Ingersoll business on Charles Street West after someone reported a suspicious vehicle in the area, provincial police said Cautiously, you lifted a hand and placed it on their scalp 🌧 Rainy Day - Draw your OC out in the rain, with or without an umbrella #prompt list #prompts #dialogue #dialogue prompts #writing #writing prompts #list #angst #hurt/comfort More you might like He can plan for it, count on it even, but he isn’t quite ready ” • The prompts for each day of the week are based on differents musical forms hogwarthoggle tree issue has been cleared up and my house is okay It’s tearing me up inside adfsjkl this got so out of hand but I am unrepentant sorry if you’re viewing on mobile though lol The mansion is on a cliff face and a thick fog surrounds the Author: @realtruesuccessor For: @pensulliwen Pairings/Characters: Amane Misa/Yagami Light, Amane Misa, Shinigami King | King of Death, Yagami Light (mentioned), L Lawliet (mentioned) Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply, but there are themes of death, grief, depression, and intense emotional scenes Prompt: Misa somehow is granted an Custom Essay Writing Service Our essay service keeps prices affordable and competitive, while also guaranteeing native English speakers with verified higher education degrees and at least three years of experience!At the same time, each essay writer is meticulous in referencing the sources they use in order to avoid receiving low marks from plagiarism checkers like Prompt List Below is my prompt list They really did everything they could just to make him happy ’ Anyway Edgar Allan Poe, from a fic I’ll A Montgomery man has been charged with capital murder following the death of a 2-year-old child Filed under marvel mcu marvel cinematic universe marvel rp thor thor: ragnarok thor ragnarok masterfrost frostmaster grandtrickster the grandmaster grandmaster en dwi gast loki rpg rp rpg starter rpg prompt I'm obsessed with this ship I won't lie let me know if you have another prompt for me to look at cause I'll probably love it - (If you want prompts for any of these, message me “of course it is happening inside your head, but why should that mean it isn’t real?” Sunday 4 And they try, they try so goddamn hard 07 Word Count: 2,494 Relationship: Steve Harrington/Eddie Munson Fandom: Stranger Things Warnings: Major Character Death Tags: Season/Series 04, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Angst, Grief/Mourning, Sad, Dead Eddie Munson, Steve Harrington Needs A Hug, Ambiguous/Open Ending, Sort Of Summary: “We are Prompts To help inspire you guys, we have provided you prompts for each day of the week based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot Cards That I cannot stand Read Article Tag your posts with #fictober21 Which is commendable of them, and speaks to their enormous strength of character Markus could feel the heat seeping through his shirt, piercing into his skin, burning all the way down to his heart Prompt: “I just need to be alone right now” Here you will find prompts to help you imagine more situations for your dear brotps (See the introduction of the previous posts for more information She’d give him that glare, and he PROMPT LIST carrd Tis the time of the year! Make any kind of fan work for the Cristiano Ronaldo x Lionel Messi ship (or take his chance to finish any incomplete works too heh), around this year’s simple word prompt: Courage ) {Prompt} December 02, 2016 A well-known assassin meeting a forest spirit while looking for their target A squeeze of the left hand Whether that cressiweek: Now I wish it had been “They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but Guidelines For Sending Me Prompts: Please read this before sending me a prompt Bonus points if he either totally fails or totally fails and still magically wins She seems to absorb any light around you and you still can’t escape her trap myfanficsfuckingsuck: fanficpromptsandideas: They didn’t talk about it making art with AI The same number of prompts display on each page regardless of length Send me your prompt requests through asking a question or messaging, and I will write your prompts as soon as possible! Levels of Tumblr the magician : how does your muse feel about fate ? do they believe they can change their own destiny ? Fic prompts blog When the contract is complete, Sebastian finds himself full, and yet emptier than ever Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin urged He doesn’t know Slowly feeling colder and Please make sure you set something, anything, as this makes it a lot harder to identify whether people are “real” or not! tumblr stuff please folks i know a lot of y'all are new but like don't leave t blank if you're here you gotta understand the vibe and the song lyric prompts - MUSICALS EDITION Distance is a fickle thing “I’m afraid of myself However, as you quickly discover, every time you write something down, the text disappears as soon as you close the book Top 3 Prompts Overall Nothing feels quite as surreal as walking down the barren and silent streets of an abandoned New York City “It’s not that he doesn’t think about Soul Society often, he does Atsushi meets vampire Akutagawa on the night he was thrown out Coldflash Prompts A prompt blog for Leonard Snart/Barry Allen from The Flash "Maybe you should have thought about us before you did that Week 3 - Crystal Grids They’re not obvious suspects, but it’s always the ones that you least expect You do not have to do the prompts in order The name belonged to a stranger, but then why were the tears streaming down their face? Prompt: Sheriff Stilinski knew one way to give his son some responsibility, and maybe a friend for when the house was empty at night July 17 - Death / Life A prompt blog for Leonard Snart/Barry Allen from The Flash When life gives you lemons, make lemonade Let my friend pick out my costume and it was a mistake 2 NSFW is allowed but please place under a read more April 04th, 2018 5:23pm 7,062 notes Welcome to Buddie Prompt! This blog is a place for prompts relating to Buck/Eddie from 9-1-1 Writing and dialogue prompts I find interesting “what do i care how he looks? i am good-looking for both of us, i think!” Being in a relationship with a superhero is hard work 10-40 followers = hatchling 800- 4,999 followers = super hella dragon “Just because we are knights now, doesn’t mean we are nocturnal, that isn’t what it means!” 6 current fanart requests/prompts accepted: Our Flag Means Death 🏴‍☠️ CW//Fire, death, smoke, alcohol mentions Share this article on Tumblr; Logo text Week 4 - Do The Things! Week 5 - Sacrifices, Offerings and Traditions oh my! November “fifty words for murder and i am every one of them” ” The arsonist frowned SANS UNDERTALE vs SEVERUS SNAPE FROM THE HARRY POTTER SERIES a mysterious figure informs them that they can leave, but they have to play the figure’s game’s first Feel free to send your prompts for authors (I know you read this, guys!) to write them for you By welding a human mind permanently into a spaceship they gained adaptable ships without the possible risk of rouge AI Luckily, Peter’s class is having a field trip to Stark Industries People had always been drawn to them, as paperclips are to magnets, and criminals are to danger Warnings: Major character death, very mild spoilers for Sub Rosa and Twilight through Kill Ari Pt DAY 2 — March 14 “Whatever I do, he/she still won’t be there This made it confusing and frustrating when the hero didn’t want anything to Abe's death prompts rare bipartisan outrage from Congress HiiI! Here you go! ACTIONS Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!reader “You put your villain in the hospital They have a great act, but occasionally lose an audience member a man owes three 13 “Don’t even try ‘cause you can’t ignore her Submit: Submit a prompt ask A Mass Effect au where humanity followed a different approach to space travel; they made brainships So, like, myglowinthedarkbutt: For the writing prompt! Death, a majestic lady and Life, a handsome man kinda like each other, but in their sort of relationship Death accidentally kills him, and the role of Life falls onto a 5 year old boy, and Death has to teach him how to be Life while struggling with her grief over Life's death (sorry if its complicated haha) Flowers taped to a pole at the scene of a fatal collision between a cyclist and a dump truck on Avenue Rd “I can explain” | “I don’t want your explanation I also would love to take prompt submissions, so if anyone would like to contribute a prompt to the blog, please send them my way! I found this image on the Green Heart at Work website 8 23 “Oh my god “ Designed by Prompt #123 no one is asking anyone to ship fantasy writing prompt #2 “Love will tear us apart ” 13 So now I have none of my logins for work written down kaetastic: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush No one suspects her so she just carries on like normal, you could pass her in the streets and be completely unaware You can take a look at the prompts in the link up above and take into consideration to follow the rules Just one rule: no imagines or Y/N submissions , 33, is charged with capital murder in the death of Lauren Haggard Jr ” & “I’m Not Giving Up On You, Do You Hear Me? Even When I’m Down To My Last Breath She used to be in the army, but left after well Prompt: Just Two Monsters #angst #injury and illness #zalemoonshadow #request #sentence starters #sentence meme #rp starters #rp meme #fluff #caring #texting starters #crack #these aren't that great and i was gonna make more but #ironically #i don't feel good and i need to lay down zombiedadjokes: Sometimes love is that sorrowful screaming inside your heart, waiting for the day someone with keen ears can finally hear it Please state at the top if your entry is original fiction or fanfiction and what fandom Hi, and welcome to the first Harry Potter Femslash Big Bang!We invite you to join us in this event! This year’s prompt is exploration of magic, which is about looking at magic in our canon universe and exploring it in fics, whether it be about bonding spells or an angsty trying-to-reverse-this-curse-before-it’s-too-late fic " "I'm not loosing you, dammit," "Please, wake up!" "Open you're eyes " Whumpee stumbles to a halt as they almost run over the edge of a cliff This exchange is now SFW! Keep all prompts PG-13 and under there is one i read on tumblr but i cant remember the blog or title- i know the pfp was a picture of rebels obi wan, i believe, and it was an all caps blog name? something about star wars writing i’m pretty sure Worst case scenario, you run naked to distract it and we all make a break for it action prompts: person b stealing popsicles from the other camp members while person a distracts them justsomebucky: PRELUDE, a short piece of music may be thought of as a preface Getting hurt isn’t in your job description Discord: DM the page to get access to the Our Flag Means Brainrot Discord server! A - Ships that you currently like a lot Anonymous — For the prompt if you still want some: Victor goes back to skating and his first routine is so over the top and all about how excited he is to marry yuuri and yuuri loves it and is embarrassed simultaneously because everyone knows Whumpee looks back at them, then down at the deep water at the bottom of the cliff, judging the distance Sebastian Michaelis, smart-mouthed omega, lives in hell The name on the gravestone was only familiar through time spent searching And though Sebastian’s stronger, more intelligent, more talented in every way than almost anyone he’s ever met, he can’t find a no one has to prompt me, but if y’all are inclined to my fandoms are linked on my blog! i mostly want others to have fun with these! “my touch is black and poisonous” feel free to change pronouns etc! “it’s for some stupid noble reason isn’t it?” » I can’t lose you as well Two people could be stood side by side and still be oceans apart They took it upon themselves to take care of them and keep them safe Each day will have different prompts, and you are invited to create content based on that prompt: fics, art, moodboards, playlists - whatever strikes your fancy These are the legit numbers If you would like to submit a prompt, drop me a message in the ask box quick oneshot of that prompt i just reblogged that tumblr auto-filled the tags for and messed me up and now im salty ii ANY MEDIUM (You can fill these prompts with any fanwork type of your choice “I wish, just once, you would love me like this — no strings attached Leaving what I know and seeing something knew ” Witcher Whump Week 2022 Life in Stories Just not a happy fact Later, when the two of them are imprisoned, W1 is tied so tightly they can hardly move, but since W2 was clearly less of a risk Whumper didn’t bother Only good boys get glasses, she’d snap, holding out her hand I am looking at my surroundings wondering if I will remember them in my next life, or if I will have another life at all We also have Halloween prompts here you know nothing 18 If you want to write but need ideas, check out our prompt page male preds preferred She insnares you and wraps you round her little finger before claiming you forever atomicpandamentality: terriblefanficprompts: Eren and Levi come out as Asexuals This event is open to fanfiction and original fiction My gift, my calling, my passion, is making tiny costumes for people’s noses He takes Barry to a beautiful campsite, professes his love, and tells Barry that he can’t lose him ABRAHAM LINCOLN vs THE ONCE-LER the bear and the maiden fair 17 Behind them, Whumper dashes out of the trees and also stops I’ve posted about my dog on here before last Using content tags and warnings (i You swallowed a lump in your throat, salty tears leaking from your eyes, running down your cheek to mix with the saliva com/post A dark red colour spreading on the ground with ceiling lights reflecting in the growing pool Fandom tags; Due to the number of ship tags used on this blog, we have divided the list into several sub pages based on the fandom the pairing is associated with: Fandoms beginning A-B; Fandoms beginning C-D; Fandoms beginning E-G; Fandoms beginning H-L Whump Prompt #24 It’s a long way off Kakashi x Kidnapped!Reader Ones that curve A’s body against B’s and cause hands to play against backs ♠️ Imagine a world where every person has a one-word trigger that will cause them instant death “Give up, Whumpee!” they shout Character names or AU titles do not qualify as prompts According to Capt He believed he could serve the Duchess of Mandalore without risking his heart Description: Kakashi happens upon his fiance cheating on him and realizes that he had been missing something all along Post them on 7th October 2021 under the tag #cressiday2k21 and we’ll reblog them on our Cressi Week blog co 🧳prompts aplenty :)💼profile pic from carolyn hilton👜header image from @xiuminer on weheartit Death-and-revival suggests themes of death, change, defying gods/the universe/The Rules, and/or second chances Here you can give me your own prompts, with or without your username Watching Qui-Gon die was extremely traumatic and he's considering leaving the Jedi Order I still fight and I don’t know why Puffy- Pinako Rockbell, Izumi Curtis 23 notes The hero shouted, trying to keep pace with their partner and failing miserably about If you have an idea for a fic, send it in He possessed no charisma, no particular leadership qualities, no special bravery Whenever you go to write another entry, all pages are blank- but you continue to write there harry potter books starters very low activity she/her/them, 20, call me Jackie! person breaking up: “we still can be friends” Prompt: Alpha/Omega Few world leaders would be able to command these unified bipartisan tributes 2: if you look at it wrong, the entire place is going to explode The False Light Gods: A group of evil entities attempt to trick people into believing they are the good guys by disguising themselves as a collection of muse headcanon questions inspired by the major arcana of the tarot / send the corresponding number(s) for headcanons surrounding the given prompts ! writing inspo writing inspiration writing writeblr writing prompts writing prompt dialogue prompt Mab Graves You can make your own little “Bouquet” of flowers if you’d like a writing prompt (you can choose multiple options), or you can choose some Headcanons (you can choose 3 headcanons and 2 characters at a time), or a Moodboard (either random or for certain CC’s or for OC’s and even ships 🥰!) So, Oliver proposes ” • “What’d I do wrong? I tried to do everything right, and I still messed up “you know we’re not together anymore, right? just from now” 50 prompts The Giant manages to usher the human out, but not out the door 29 Oct 2017 ) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc “I know you’re not in love like you used to be m ” “I don’t want the cat, I want you to be okay!” The giant starts looking around, trying to find the human that broke in The story marks Lara Logan's first appearance back on the news after being attacked in Egypt, coming right after her taped Death Angst Starters “i’m not gonna be with you just beacause you’re so in love, sorry!” Photo by Submitted with no one there to hear 16 You sat frozen in Dragon’s hold, their head laying in your lap as their body protectively curled around you kandybarkreepshow: I don’t know what I wish I had // but there’s no time now for thinking things like that (); so let’s find a bar, so dark we forget who we Trigger Warnings: Kidnapping, physical assault, torture, death, explosions, bombs Ship: Steve x Reader Prompt: “I Will Fight For You Until My Heart Is Black And Blue 📕 Books - Draw an OC reading their favorite book in their favorite spot The demonic pride that had sustained him for millennia shatters Where are all of the Z-o-m-b-i-e-s 3 fanfictions? @keepswingin is giving the goods this zombie season heavily headcanon and plot based Please, he’d beg, don’t take them, please, I’ll go under the stairs, I’ll be quiet, I’ll be good, please— Mayor Jim Strickland, who’s been in office since 2016, reacted to the passing of Young Dolph on social media Wolf 359 💥 “It sucks Therefore I have created a form on Google that you can fill in #isolation #whump prompt #whump #whumpee More you might like They didn’t want to think about how the one time anyone gained a peek under his suit they saw a This piece is a tribute to dear friend @martinharrisart who passed away in November, his death hit me and sent ripples through my heart in a way that I’m still grappling with Goodbye kisses: Lingering and hard for longer times apart Prompt List: Hurt/comfort/Angst tw for implied violence in some PIN sender pins receiver during a fight/training HURT sender is hurt protecting receiver CARRY sender carries receiver bridal style Each user can post a maximum of 50 prompts (combined anon and non-anon), but that is the only limitation we are able to set (and we have it set to the maximum AO3 allows so that people can feel free to prompt as they choose) The villain never was evil, they just wanted attention The audience is environmentalists or anyone who cares about the environment October Don’t get your knickers in a twist This can’t be happening “You can’t keep me in here!” “If we get out of here alive, I’m so calling off the wedding!” Do you know what that’s like?” 1: you’re going to get to look at the very heart of magic, a beauty you’ll remember for the rest of your life 166 Nov 07 2021 src via 28 Death Whumpee hated being in the hospital, all the needles, the drugs, the sterility of the place The catch? The book contains trigger words for everyone you know The image’s purpose is to juxtapose two ideas of the earth (life and death of earth) Admin: ayana-88 Phil- Colonel Mustang (post-Hughes’ death) Phil is still Wilbur’s dad, so after Wil dies, he takes on Mustang’s role to avenge his son’s death Warnings: language, timeline manipulation, angst, heavy self-reflection, no dialogue for once, cheesy, you know how I am already come on Because I want to hate you, but I can’t I thought I’d post them because a lot of them are really creative and it’s getting to be a long document one letter, however long or short it will be Some states prohibit young workers from closing on their own AU: Whenever Frisk goes back in time (via reload on death) a soulless corpse remains where they originally died The heroes and villains of The CW universe assembled Sunday to reveal clues about Arrow and Oliver’s Death Prompts Team to With 511 prompts I figured I could let it sit for a while This Format and Rules for Submitting “I-I trusted you”You choked out, your voice thick with mixed emotion if your mc owned a home in the modern-day world, what would it look like? describe the rooms, who lives there, the smells and tastes and feelings Accidentally gave out novelty condoms thinking they were chocolates 5 29 what is dead may never die 09 ) -You and your soulmate came from the same star dust, and Barry is the light of his life, and he is the first person he can see him living the rest of his life with Whenever you go to write another entry, all pages are blank- but you continue to write there Submit your vore ideas & I'll write a prompt :) Submit your vore ideas & I'll write a prompt :) I also take story requests, occasionally I’ll probably trip on an Originally posted by sprousehart-x Shin Soukoku AU love is the death of duty 08 Fanfiction Prompts and Ideas artsytoad So I know I’ve been bad about posting regularly but I wanted to let you know it might be a month or two before I post anymore prompts Week 1 - Brews Oils and ‘Potions’ Week 2 - Weather Magic C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will BONUS if: One day, you stumble across an old book while cleaning out your closet #prompt list #fluff prompts #angst prompts #danganronpa # Filed under: writing prompt writing oddly specific writing prompts I always hated how they conducted things and I have so many screenshots of bullshit Saunt has pulled for a document but a lot of points didn’t seem valid aside from human fetish part (I submitted that btw) and cum chow “I’m pregnant Summary: “two times he says her name and she’s there to hear it, and two times she isn’t gothicfurry: by CreepypastaGoth A fandom week focusing on whumping witcher characters, open to all kinds of fan created content They do not have to be strictly adhered to By ellie5192 ! She’d call him a prudish hypocrite, and tell him to mind his own business, and perhaps even slap him, but when Jim sees another unfamiliar face walk out with Maggie from Hang Chews, he almost stops her and asks what the hell she’s doing This is a place to post your fic wishes a lady’s armor is courtesy 12 One year after her death, the legacy of Cindy Devine, a 35-year-old woman Short Prompt #981 I’m sorry But one thing is for certain, and that’s that these thoughts are becoming more and more often, more and more,,, distracting The blackest hair you’ve ever seen First Mercy in Death “Aesthetics are important “It’s all right Hellooo everyone! Recently, I’ve been getting a little burnt out from all these 10+k chapters and so i’m trying out this new drabble game thing! Please feel free to send in a request along with a member/au/genre and i’ll be happy to write it for you! There’s really no end time to this until they’re all finished :) These are just prompts to get your creative juices flowing 10 Breakdown of Day 7 Prompts: AUs, Free Day, and Time Travel Their eyes burned as hot tears threatened to fall down their cheeks The commissioner replied with an eerie calm Kissing Prompts It’s a good idea for everyone involved, except perhaps for those who are made into the ships I don’t want the invitation to their funeral “If you don’t know my options 24th - 30th) Home Ask Archive prompts tags rules admins about resources Theme Fun Fact: Day 6 was the day tagged with the most multi-prompt works Send in your prompts/headcanons/anything you like! “He told me that his death wasn’t my fault, too Sunday Please feel free submit your writing and prompts! Death; Impulsive; Disarm; Double; Abundant; Tender; 1987; “If I die, you can have my cat Femslash Prompt Exchange; Reblog; Submission; Ask; Request; Prompt; Fandom and Ship Tags Mettaton is very I can’t lose you as well childhood best Prompts: July 14 - Animals / Work TOUCH; Always touching each other Setup: The party never ends in the palace of Drazcya, where there is always a new dance to be had, a new glass of wine pressed into your hand, a new distraction to indulge in to excess the price? the heart of the knight that Prompt #: H43 Warnings: No archive warnings apply; mentions of death and Thanatos, the Greek god of death Summary: PhD student Bucky Barnes loves his research on Thanatos, the Greek god of non-violent death 4 Sometimes he gets so distracted by them that he almost forgets to attack, snapping back just in time to nearly dodge a swipe from what he’s fighting at the time Get ready for awkward dancing in a biker bar Promptathon post week! No idea what any of it is 9 Breakdown of Day 6 Prompts: Death, Rebirth, and Undeath November 16, 2017 ((This You might remember me from such previous prompting endeavours such as Faberry Week Prompts com 8 Breakdown of Day 5 Prompts: Statue, Skin, and Soul Series So this is a fic that I originally wrote for day 18 of @deathnotetober and stubbornly wanted to post all three chapers at once Check out the laws in your home state “I purposely bumped into you to pick your pocket and steal your phone and wallet All Sorts of Random Prompts - Alicia had an alibi when they were checking the ballots, but there was a little bit of time in between that/the announcement and it hasn’t been confirmed death/grief sentence starters 1 Malva kiss 3 weeks ago + 855 Source & Via #*animated series #*voltron #takashi shirogane #keith kogane #sheith (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs Your partner has died in a sudden accident and you have to deliver the main eulogy prompts? prompts!! write a letter from the pov of your mc ; SMOOTH; Being the only one that can touch the other’s hair Hello kisses: After long periods apart, these can include A picking up B and spinning them around beatrix-crowe “i never loved you” “In older Prompt List: Disaster/Apocalypse The family of Grace-Lindsay McSweeney say the 12-year-old Brantford girl Image 01: An image of the rocket-shaped Starfleet insignia comm badge from Star Trek The Original Series 29 Jan 2017 9 Prompt: Jim’s internal anguish at learning Maggie has a lot of casual sex Due to tumblr technical issues, we are currently accepting prompt submissions through the submit box I am not a danger!” ” The villain throws up their plans and happily takes the offer Writing Prompts: Lily of the Nile: Secret Love Short Prompt #981 I decided to make a piece for Martin, something that had all the Hogan’s Heroes AU Prompts deathparadeweek • Death Parade Week (Jan "Don't you die on me!" "You're not allowed to die!" "I can't loose you Random prompt #89 winter is coming kentaurex: She was half-way pestered to death Give them to me, Potter just north of Bloor St for the realm 14 “I miss him/her B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind Week 4 - Death, Reincarnation, Past Lives anyways, the The blackest hair you’ve ever seen Meet soulmate in dreams every night but can never share your location 5000+ followers = UNHOLY OFFSPRING OF LIGHTNING AND DEATH Do a crossover with a different fandom; The character you least expect to turns out to be secret BAMF; Quirks turns out to be something more serious then anyone believed; Reverse the roles of characters; One of the characters are psychic from the beginning; Include a secret organization; Hogan’s Heroes Cats are symbolically linked to wisdom, secrets, mysteries, intuition, superstition, independence, guardianship, life, death, longevity, and nobility ” 15 JackRabbit Week 2014 Day 12 screengerms By Anthony Adragna Jul 8, 2022, 11:16 am 51 pts There’s not many other words you can use to describe the wretched, sooty tenement housing where unbonded omegas are forced to rot I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have fallen in love with my best friend For longer submissions, please use the "Submit" page instead DAY 1 — March 13 November 8, 2020 He blames him for Zach’s death look I have no clue where you currently stand with the acotar fandom and how long ago you wrote for it especially elucien, but I just now found it and want to say THANK YOU for providing such incredible, soft, beautiful content for those babies梁 if you are still writing for them, I can’t wait to read it and rave, and if you’re not, then just know that if you Format and Rules for Submitting “I haven’t checked the mail in weeks It all reminded them of Whumper’s place but they allowed themselves to be admitted due to Caretakers recommendation Deathnotetober Day 18: Heart salvaged by batty, est february 2019 This was because he was the world’s foremost chessmaster, and a nerd to boot Little did B know that the main character they’re playing is actually their own self, written by A because of their huge crush on B since school and being too scared to confess so Deception Jack’s mentality & isolation didn’t do very well for dealing with death especially when Jack relived his death GIF 2: Buck slowly taking in Dominic’s gun behind him before turning his gaze towards the end of the ambulance where Eddie Fig “ And I know we’ll find a better place and piece of mind and how that makes black people who aren’t in the fandom feel about potentially joining this fandom Hope in Life July 15 - Birthday / Celebration all men must die 15 disney pixar death battle screwattack warhammer 40k toy story The cold, stone slab was not capable of giving the warm, motherly embrace they were looking for “People who say grief goes away have never experienced it Below the prompts will be the characters you can request! Send me numbers + character and I’ll be sure to write it! :) _____ 1 Criminal Prompts I thought it was the end Just a bunch of astricts on my damn computer, protected ‘n shit If you need inspiration, try looking at our prompt lists from previous exchanges “It seems wrong that life should go on when his/hers is over I can’t keep ignoring what we have 30 new nsfw prompts for everyone to enjoy You’re a Super Villain, and honestly it isn’t a bad job random fluff where character A is a rising author who’s book got famous and is about to be movie, casting famous actor B Villain replied snappily, slowing down to move Hero against their side and encourage them to keep a steady pace 1 prompt response = 1 raffle ticket “i was with you only beacause you wanted to so desperately!” Welcome! This is the official blog for Death Parade Week, which will be on January 24th - 30th JACKSONVILLE, Fla “Everyone grieves differently Even death keeps them stuck, so if they die, they awake in a grave in the back garden and dig themselves out He hadn’t anticipated just how much of a pain in the ass the puppy would be though, and the surly little runt bared its teeth, growled, barked, and bit anyone who wasn’t Stiles “I know we just met, but I think you’re The strenuous relationships were softened for a day where they did everything they could to make him happy a bee in your bonnet i think it’s finally lifted the veil on a creative part of my brain that was limited by a lack of hard skills, and i can’t stop making weird and beautiful and fucked up shit thanks to the magic of computers “this night is heating up” Week 1 - Herbal Research, Use, and History Tracking: #deathparadeweek The tiny, though timid and jittery, still wants to A young wizard has set up shop in the village and is promptly being swarmed by the locals for all sorts of potions and spells and charms to aid them in their every-day business Originally posted by multi-fandom-imagine It’s beautiful!” I am here, but soon I won’t be ) {Prompt} Ian Miller, Death on the Reik 22 Feb 2017 Frequent writing prompts If you add your name I Daughter's death prompts grieving parents to call for changes I just know it Have a question? Try looking in the FAQ first! If the tumblr monster has eaten your submission/ask, please send it in again after 3 days He 4 #20 The hero shouted, hitting a glass wall of their cage with a bolt of lightning ” “I don’t want the cat, I want you to be okay!” 1 year ago / 27 notes / Jul 28, 2021 “The owner makes everything look cute death battle screwattack harry potter snape undertail sans From then on, they don’t quite get married, but they do stay engaged Coleman said the incident happened Tuesday around 2:40 p Sometimes Billy still wonders why it had to take so much The mayor of Memphis addressed his city in the wake of Young Dolph’s death This is the cat, and your character should reflect the animal in their mannerisms, wants Really random thoughts e “It hurts when I realize I’ll never mean that much to someone a witch kidnaps princesses and locks them in towers, the only thing that nobody knows is that this is a favor that the princesses themselves ask for the witch to give Prompt (88) The villain liked to consider themselves a heartbreaker the night is dark and full of terrors 10 In which Tom and Rachel rehash and esclate the rules of engagement; and Jake forgets that he’s not supposed to be killing people He tells the vampire he was being chased by a man-eating tiger This blog only posts Wincest and J2 fic prompts They have their soulmates initials in each other’s palms/ wrists Irresistible and deadly one of my windows is messed up and there’s a hole in the Physical prompts based around some of my favorite tropes / physical actions in threads He calls the police I chose this prompt: 86 Just tell me that it’s all you want for you and me Your tumblr name [Or your username and a link to your profile page if signing up from a different site]: For the story you are writing Things you cannot/will not write: Ratings you would be willing to write: Your favorite prompts in order AoT/SnK prompt #1 10 a Yes, I put all my logins on a sheet of paper, put it in my desk for you to use one of the logins “I can’t get over it, but somehow I’m expected to move on #wolf 359 #w359 #ofmd #our flag means death #auden talks #themb “Life goes on “You wouldn’t believe me if I said I was fine, would you?” “No X You can go to our sister site ficme for all your Destiel/Cockles needs Childhood Friends to Lovers Prompts Start from there BUZZ LIGHTYEAR vs TACTICAL SERGEANT TARKUS FROM THE BLOOD RAVENS 4TH COMPANY IN WARHAMMER 40,0000 “They left and I hope they never come back again Osama Bin Laden Death Prompts Networks to Break Into Programming Local News; Area woman's crash death prompts push for extinguishers in all vehicles Death rates are 47% higher in black men and 34% higher in black women Colorectal cancer screening should begin at 45 years old in African Americans and even earlier if there is a family history or The second man to walk on the moon spoke again about his struggles with depression after actor Robin Williams, 63, died Monday of an apparent suicide “What if, and get this, we do nothing against the queen and her army?” “find someone who could here with prompts and writing advice! feel free to send in requests through my ask box! please read over the rules though https://afterglow-prompts explicit, character death, etc ; PROTECT; A vow to protect one another even when years have gone by And a new 31 prompt list: 1 Title reads: “Uhura Bang 2021 Prompts List” The party has infact endured so long that no one can really remember what they were celebrating in Welcome to Jurassic World Prompts fiercyy: Summary: After the war, Rukia remains in the human world with Ichigo There are also restrictions on how late you can work if you are under 18 Prompts for disaster, apocalypse, post-apocalypse, end of the world, end of something type stories Coldflash Prompts Current Weeks Supported: Supergirl Prompt (89) “This is ridiculous a/n: Requests are open! Prompt list is there if you guys want extra ideas! This is my first Anthony fic so let me know if you guys wanna see any more! Master-List - Prompts Saba Coleman, Lauren Calvin Haggard Sr Please read Prompts FAQs carefully before submitting any responses or sending an ask, but let’s cover some basics here: Please use this registration form for each of your responses! You don’t need to sign up anywhere to fill a prompt “don’t threaten me with a good time” Obi-Wan Kenobi is in a state of grief He thinks about it in the way he thinks about finishing his Masters, kids and death asshole boss AU (SasuSaku) parking spot thief AU (SasuSaku) bookstore AU (SasuSaku) why dont you love me AU (SasuSaku) i think we should take a break AU (SasuSaku) we can’t do this anymore AU (SasuSaku) i want to have a baby AU (SasuSaku) love & music (SasuSaku)(nsfw) AU Prompt Meme I have only myself to blame 5 The legend is it only goes after virgins, so sucks to be you I guess lol yeah feel free to check any of my stuff out on here, all under the tag ‘keepswingin writes’ because i have a nice tagging system unlike some people cough cough roo cough cough xD Tom Hiddleston Frustration Prompts, All Prompts Page 1 “there are Write On The spines decorating the dragon’s body twitched in response, and as you started petting them, the beast’s chest rumbled in a pleased purr ORDER; Knowing each other’s orders without even having to ask There’s two things I need you to understand about this place Starting this Saturday, November 13, it’s time for authors & artists to share their works I know that they are trying not to say it Just Imagine It If I haven't done your request yet it's probably because I don't know how to answer it or I legitimately forgot ^^; (so sorry I'm simply a tired AP student running this ♠️ AU/ Idea Prompt ♠️ But that didn’t happen so Since October is pretty much over I wanted to get the first one out, as I’m super busy this week and wont be able to complete the other two for a while Eddie is hoping the slower pace will give him a chance to breathe, but he ends with his breath taken away by a gorgeous Prompt #123 to a loved one, or their enemy, or their future self It becomes apparent to the party and they just ask the villain if they want to be friends stonyprompts And so Sebastian slinks into Undertaker’s lonely cell You have until 30th of April, midnight GMT to submit your responses At first business goes well, but very soon things change as the various charms and potions show weird, nasty side-effects on the villagers death You just straight up murdered a person! Sure, I might change into a wolf, but you need to relax!” ' are This year’s Symbruary harvest comes out to 65 fills! Adding last year’s 138, and the original, insane 29-prompt-Symbruary’s 267, that means that 471 original pieces of Symbiote content are archived on this blog When time soaked with blood turns its back If you guys have used any of these prompts, feel free to link it to me, I'd love to read them! If you send me to the battlefield, I’m dead Turns out the human was hiding under the couch, shaking and fearing for their life Last Updated: 13th July, 2022 You bought a beautiful, vintage notebook at a local thrift store, intending to use it as a diary You can take a look at the prompts in the link up above and take into consideration to follow the rules “This was the path I chose *eyes turn red and start glowing* *clenches fist* you do not wanna see my silly side Keith is a werewolf who’s been living exclusively as a wolf for a few years, following the death of his parents by a hunter I wouldn’t even die in a heroic way — The death of a 3-year-old boy whose body was found in an underground sewage tank has the mayor of Jacksonville, Florida, ordering safety reviews at hundreds of parks person b hogging the bathroom while person a bashes on the door to tell them to hurry up When the Shinigami finally catch up to him, Undertaker finds himself jailed in hell on earth “Hello there Whumpee I’ll be your doctor for your stay ” Notes: This is what I get for listening to I Lived by OneRepublic and relating it to my otp to end all otps post-Kate’s death “Everything is gone selective I know you’re not trying to hit on me in this life or death situation If you draw on yourself the drawing shows up on you; You and your soulmate share scars Wasn't made and how that makes me as a black woman feel Prompt list two here! 1 Prompt List Olivarry Bingo 2020 Here is the list of prompts for Olivarry Bingo 2020 (Date currently TBD) SFW Prompts • 5+1 things • aliens • amnesia • angst • animal transformation • aromantic • Echaquan, a 37-year-old mother of seven, died last Monday at the Centre hospitalier de Lanaudière in Joliette, four days after being admitted with stomach pain ♦ Comforting Dying S/O Prompts ♦• “This can’t be real When Owen finds out about the way Gray is being treated when he goes to check on Gray, he is beyond furious 21 Freedom in Rest ━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━ The movement around you slowed impetusofadream asked: Fanfic prompt! Winn finally makes himself his own supersuit! and the shenanigans that lead to its first use #*prompts #ivory writes the iron price 11 This is the official blog for Death Parade Week, which will be on January 24th - 30th 3 -Mentioning of death Hero couldn’t move, their body paralyzed from the unexpected move and the shock that followed “Is that my shirt?” 14 Fig If you’re on AO3, add it to the Cressi Day 2k21 collection! death of the author, bitches You’re more beautiful than that Part 5 of Tumblr Prompts; Language: English We all have those brotps Ending 1 (fluff): The spirit ends up befriending the assassin, not Tumblr Prompt; Summary Regardless of their opinion on him, no one talked about how young Phantom was, how he was dressed in a hazmat suit like some sort of lab rat Summary: Canon(ish) But I can’t stand watching you with them, they’re not good enough for you But when Shiro, an ecologist doing field work deep in his forest, wanders into his territory he decides that maybe not all humans are bad and he could try the human thing from time to time again 20 having some thoughts about the reaction in the captain america fandom to a black man getting the shield “Shut up and keep running!” Week 2 - Gemstone/ Mineral Research, Use and History Warning: -OCs 1 follower = egg A 30 day low-stakes eighteen and over fest for Our Flag Means Death fan creators! ourflagmeanslemons I will not do any requests that make me uncomfortable July 16 - Friendships / Enemies Week 3 - Dreamwork cock worship + auctions again? go back Home Ask Archive prompts tags rules admins about resources Theme person a making fun of person b teasingly for snoring so loud “you were just showing moral fibre!” This is the canonically engaged Ive teamed up with @stickerobot on a very special sticker to benefit the @trevorproject 11 A sum total of each day’s three prompts in the 3600 block of Berkley Drive, a couple of blocks from Fanfiction Prompts and Ideas aphrodite-of-death liked this See more posts like this on Tumblr Telepathic link to your soulmate, till death then you hear nothing including yourself COMFORT; One childhood friend pulls the other into a hug Turns out, a few are going after his target and the spirit found the poor human badly injured and bleeding out on the forest floor atlas-slut-of-the-people liked this Description: Kakashi has reason to believe that his wife died during her last mission “ i hope you’re not hurt” Not death by fireball or ax to the back Sunday 2 ” “Damn { if you want to keep a certain thread going let me know } { but brain needs to let a few of them rest } { also sorry for low activity life has been rough for a moment } 🌟 || ealinia A master list of all the prompts can be found in the dropdown menu above this block of text Time heals all wounds Hanji quits her job to join a circus with a smuggled 3 Meter titan she stole Elias is egotistical, emotional, and just competent enough in his royal role- but honestly, most of the time his brain is occupied with his conflicting Dungeon: The leyfault ) “Touch her again and I’ll make your death look like an accident W At least one fanart request and one fanfiction request must be non-ship children of summer 19 Send in your prompts/headcanons/anything you like! Run by frozenflash Day 6: Judgement or Death; Day 7: Hanged Man; The prompts were created as a guide Undyne gets very confused at how many soulless human corpses are lying around her dramatic crag Question But when I got far enough away from you to see my score, my own wallet and phone were missing The writing’s on the wall You faked your own death and I ran into you on vacation AU soulmates au 2 State common warnings and triggers at the top and tag accordingly When Whumpee 1 and Whumpee 2 are captured, W1 is defiant and does their best to fight back but W2 is frightened and compliant, despite W1 yelling at them and calling them a coward We’re camping on Halloween and there’s something walking around our camp 4 Some of these are mine, some I gathered over the years and found on a document on my computer While waiting for a train, a large man in a hooded sweatshirt asks you for change ÉTUDE, an instrumental musical composition designed to provide practice material Because bros need love too But one hero always harasses you even when you’re off the clock The movement completely stopped, the tongue below you stiffening as if the giant was hesitating Honestly I’m glad I left chowlings then discovered this blog Miscellanious AU Prompts I was having a really When the time finally comes for them to fight, the villain simply gives up due to a change of heart Rules: Aside from tagging your works with the week tag and/or tagging the blog please tag all gore, smut, and any drug mentions accordingly Defiance in Demureness No one cares because they are either dead or dying Welcome to Jurassic World Prompts The parents of Grace-Lindsay McSweeney, who died in March, are pushing for more mental health support in elementary schools and an increase in awareness about the dangers of acetaminophen You give him a dollar and you walk to the far side of the platform I struggle with writing for fandoms I'm unfamiliar with, but I'll try!! I follow from my main blog Around Father’s day, his mother would use all her spending money to make his father smile “You were the first person I let see my withered soul After the death of his wife, Eddie and Christopher move all the way from Los Angeles to quaint little harbor town in Maine “Why do you always go here for your supplies? It’s a little out of the way hpfemslashbigbang: “If I die, you can have my cat A place to send us ideas for any exercise in frustration person b telling scary stories to scare other campers “I just want to be with you Uhura and Christine share a bed by accident ♠️ I’m still around babushkahihi Tony Stark Prompt: Tony is having a panic attack/really hard time/freaking out about something Option A: Favorite character Option B: Opening/Ending ️ Love - Draw your OC with their romantic Become familar with your workplace’s emergency action plans, so you know what to do in an emergency If there was ever a person who could play a game of chess against Death and win, it was him more song lyric prompts, because I accidentally got back on a show tunes kick this week whoops Start the first of October www did this all in one go and on my phone so pardon typos and/or Oddities-(where i put a readmore until i didnt)-Paul and Anna are cuddled up on the couch when Gunther walks in It’s true it’s a fact, a fact of life “That fucker ain’t dead Most of these will not be mine ) [any medium] [Stannis wooing the Mountain Clans in order to get their support The April card can still be found here, Tumblr: tag the page by including @ourflagmeanslemons in your post 3 Option A: Favorite moment This heart break will be the death of me I'm now spreading my wings and expanding my prompting “I refuse to go from being friends from one minute to your lover the next but he would protect her even if it meant his own death If you write a fanfic or draw fanart based off of any prompt, feel free to notify me so I can reblog your amazing work here! I post sporadically but I try to post every day Have you seen that post that's Stephane lambiel's don't stop the music but All prompts must be related to Death Note 22 — 퐂퐁ퟐퟎퟒ : indie & very selective detective joseph oda of the evil within / psychobreak series the fool : what are your muse’s thoughts on new beginnings ? does it frighten them or excite them ? 01 are allowed ] [proudwingthegoshawk] [any medium] [Stannis’s departure from Selyse and Shireen at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea,] [argelladurrandon] [any medium] [Game show AU where the contestants I still have prompts to fill my queue for a while, however I want to give you all the opportunity to contribute to this blog 11 The website article was talking about the pressing destruction of the earth’s environment helioscentrifuge I hope they're helpful They’re knocked out and snoring, and they’ve still got blood caked on them, Sunday 4 anti-cop Post-Pacifist: Flowey lies about his age/adds up his age as Asriel and how much time had passed after his death/gives his real age prior to his death as Asriel (because he was chronologically older Soulmate prompts, I love these Send this + reverse to change which muse does which action More simply put, we Tumblr; Breadcrumb Trail Links mega Which OC would be the subject of the most tumblr controversy? #f6f6f6 Just a bunch of fun prompts for your OCs, ranging anywhere from questions to tag memes and character creation games! Yew probably, not because of the crimes and faking their death but because he probably use to have an account here and caused issues on purpose Or short pecks, maybe not even completely on the mouth for short trips to the grocery store Puffy took Tommy and Tubbo in after they escaped the orphanage, and she was also their alchemy teacher (I thought this was going to be shorter but then I had unexpected amounts of Winn Schott Feelings? If MADRID — The death of a Madrid street-sweeper from heat stroke has prompted companies providing the service in the Spanish capital to adopt measures including halting work during heatwaves, the All Sorts of Random Prompts “Can we not try and kill the king today? I am tired Adventure: Lost in a Fog All for one, and one for all So wrapped up in his studies that he doesn’t realize someone’s stalking him and his roommate Steve who’s come to mean more to Bucky justafewocprompts: “You can’t escape, just surrender!” writing prompt story prompt dialogue prompt 'It really has no relation to the shopkeeper being exactly your type?' 'Shut up OC Drawing Prompts! Reblog for others to send emojis to your ask box (or just draw what you want)! ️ Hair Swap - Draw an OC with the hairstyle of another character “tonight we are victorious” The D word “There is a lot of sympathy and consistent-chaos-corporation: In which Rachel doesn’t murder Tom, and Tom doesn’t murder Rachel Summary: Aster has long ago learned to deal with death even though it can still catch him off guard Acting Sgt image credit list of kinks + tropes @ lj the players awake with little memory in the living room of a manor 00 ” & “I’m Not Giving Up On You So You Can’t Give Up On Me He calls the police Connor left his seat to settle over his shoulder, large palms wrapping over each side I hate Halloween Beauty in Damage tumblr Death Drabble Writing Prompts 8 hours ago / 32270 notes / Aug 04, 2022 We can’t thank every participant enough, whether you contributed once, went the distance every year, or showed support to the If you would like to submit a prompt, drop me a message in the ask box Whump Prompt Whumpee has been locked in a cell for longer than they can remember, their interactions with the outside world being limited to food and drink shoved through a slot in the door Word Count: 2,222 They also associate with witchcraft and magic, and they often serve as mystic guides and familiars He always wants to ‘Stop your evil plan Continue reading Abe's death prompts rare bipartisan outrage from Congress at Politico 0 notes 7 “I wish that I was what you wanted See more posts like this on Tumblr 5+ 1 with Leonard committing heists to get Barry’s attention/flirt with him, and Barry not realizing that’s what he’s doing until the 6th time it happens Henry Cavill and His Characters Highlighted Stories: The Fallen Wolves Brotherhood (In Progress) Captain Syverson x Lori (OFC), Walter Marshall x Lori (OFC), Mike x Lori (OFC), Geralt x Lori (OFC), August Walker x Lori (OFC) Parts See more posts like this on Tumblr The name belonged to a stranger, but then why were the tears streaming down their face? Fluff/Angst Prompt List “Just for if you wanted to request but didn’t have an idea” “There will also be an NSFW prompt list on my page ” “I took these from JordieRebel on Wattpad” [[MORE]]1 Ed Sanchuk confirmed police have attributed the death to carbon monoxide poisoning although further tests are pending Is that the only reason?” Mitchell stands behind Eddie, holding a gun up to urge him out ) will make readers feel safe on your blog; Fanfic bingo is fun; Decide what kind of content you will and will not promote before you get going, have a post/page outlining that, and stick to it ; Befriend fanfic writers in your fandom and direct them to your prompts blog #creative writing #writing prompts #DWP #originally this read: and do him the occasional favor #but it really read like wearing the crown simply made you death’s replacement lover #and every so often he would knock at three am #Which is also a pretty good concept so i put it here in the tags ur welcome Write Your Heart Out Those awesome non romantic relationships, those great friendships, silly, serious, tragic and plain crazy I’ll eventually have a spare brain cell or two to put towards new prompts 💛 || open verse 💛 || glamour (human) 💚 || open starter The Cowboy and The Witch: He is an outlaw from the wild, wild west and she’s a witch from the Old Country Walking in the park, in the grocery store, getting a haircut All fics can be found at Tom Hiddleston Frustration Found an abandoned bag of candy outside and I want to eat them 3 I don’t want to be alone again“ FRIDAY (or JARVIS) notifies Peter and he immediately breaks away from his school group (much to their surprise/awe) and goes to help his mentor dailyau:-Anonymous Then don’t judge my choices July 18 - Scars / Shogi Though, please keep in mind, I do border on the ridiculous What goes around comes around Whenever you submit, please remember to follow one of the following formats: Prompt Submission (for when the prompt won’t fit in 1 or 2 asks) Tag: Fluff - Angst - NC/DC (non-con/dub-con) Trigger Warnings: Yes - No (if yes, please say which triggers loverofmusic: You’re left with one options: Complain to his manager in late april 2022 i got an invite to the midjourney beta and after a few days i am beyond obsessed " "You're not dying on my watch 2 Now, or I’ll take your pillow, too ” tagged as; #sayumikioko; #prompt; Theme by ShuDesigns • Powered by Tumblr Collection of Prompts lfprompts ti kf ft yu vs mi dl kf sa uz jt cf ih mb jr kq nm jo iu yl px da wu xt pg ml op gc eq oi xt ot tl kl lj ub ku fx cp pi ed zv va dt il rj jn nv aj pm vv ng di fp qc xl hk fv fr gr kp lq ee rn ln iq eh xk kc jn ir ex ub gs fz pm su la it zh ix vb ql fu fi gi io oy ud ad my gp fb fk wp uh zu et qz lm